Wel that didnt last long

So after my super active weekend last week I had a reasonably busy working week, which is fine. And then I came down sick again. What is going on. Every time I think I am better then it starts again.. The muscles in my body (as opposed to arms and legs) are aching and feel pulled. I had to sort of cuddle my midriff to cough by the end of the week. So I finally listened to my mama and at the weekend I did nothing more strenuous than cook a few pancakes.

Swept floor, loaded washing machine, made a roll for Faheds lunch.
No de-cluttering, no proper cooking, no trip to the Indian restaurant in the evening

A lot of lounging around drinking coffee or tea and chatting, some TV, some pancakes.

And now?  Still coughing a little and then odd sneeze but I feel like I might be alive!

Home straight, definitely home straight


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear you are feeling bad again. I made pancakes too, with blueberries.


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