Saturday, 18 April 2015

Travel. Its still all about travel

Around here it is.

Fahed leave to visit his family on Monday for four weeks. Packing on Sunday.

I am travelling to Crete with my best mate on Thursday for a few days. We have plans including hanging curtains, making some throws for the sofas, making cakes for various neighbours and friends, maybe some running (what????). You know, all the usual things that people do on hols.

Jamal is waiting to hear from the training agency when he will leave for 5 months. He is awaiting something with his inoculations so its held him up or else he should have gone before us. I checked out the fleet of the six ships he could join, one in Columbia, one in Mozambique, one in New Orleans (which I had previously pictured in my head to be inland), 2 in Brazil and one in Saudi Arabia. Not sure which I fancy but anyway he doesn't get a choice,.

I think he doesn't go until I get back (I hope) but the cats will go stay with his brother anyway as they like cuddles more than he does.

So the place has a little buzz of excitement. And quite  a lot of mess.

They did get a bit more landscaping done though. And one of the cats supervised.


  1. You are always doing something relevant to my life. I trying to decide whether to make simple wood steps to the front door or to use the bricks and blocks and cement to make steps. I like your brick steps! I'm definitely adding it to my list of possibilities.

  2. You know I would lend youm y guys if we were a bit closer :)


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