Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New ideas

Its still kind of all about travel.

I had a lovely break. We spent far less than we budgeted, which is always good. I spent a lot of time with friends and met some new people too.

Came back with some ideas (like I don't have enough already)

A friend has a restaurant and is trying to raise funds to renovate some small houses which she owns to provide a bit of a pension for her and her husband. Also a lot of her customers come back again and again and ask for details of her recipes. I said I would help her pull together a recipe book for her to raise some money for her new idea.

Same friend is selling her olive oil in Germany. First year 150l, following year 250l and this year almost 500l. That is really good news for her and it pays far more than selling in the country.Now I vaguely had an idea to try to help my neighbours sell olive oil overseas so I am spurred on by this and will start to investigate.

A different friend bought some lovely leather sandals (using my awesome bargaining skills) and is going to look into importing them into the UK.

Greece needs all the help she can get at the moment so, go:us!!!


  1. Those sound like great ideas. Olive oil is so popular right now as well as handmade items and good recipes. I think there are possibilities there.

  2. I hope so. We looked at olive oill before but the exchange rate wasnt good but maybe this time. Also a good excuse to go on holiday lots and lots!


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