Saturday, 30 May 2015

Feel Good Friday

I saw this post over on The View from The Tree House and as an irritatingly positive person I immediately wanted to join in!

  • A healthcare professional suggested I get checked for underactive thyroid. Whilst i obviously dont want to be ill I am sort of half hoping she is right as there is a way to manage my physical exhaustion and aching arms.
  • My youngest son hasn't been called away to sea yet, and we have now had him home for 2 months. Its lovely (in a noisy, messy kind of way)
  • My eldest son and his girlfriend have confirmed they will be coming on hols with us this year, as will my parents, my sister and her husband and my best friend. Sadly not all at once as there is not enough room but over the course of our break.
  • My youngest son showed me how to make a sort of face mask from a tshirt which meant that even though I have cut the lawn, I can still breath. Last time it took me four days to feel this good again afterwards!
  • My lovely husband started his second job this week. He is a swimming teacher but a lot of his one to one lessons are for kids with problems such as autism and learning difficulties. Now he will also be working mornings with kids with similar problems. It pays next to nothing but he already does some voluntary work so he is considering this to be an extension of that.
  • Youngest son bought pizza for everyone last night, and used on online voucher which made it about the same price as buying cook your own pizza from Asda, So I get a warm glow of pride from him being and generous but also for his being a bit sensible

I could literally go on for hours about the nice things that we talked about this week but I have housework a-calling. Just a couple more things though:

  • I suddenly realised that I might prefer a house in CRete which was nearer to noise, raki and bouzouki music. I mentioned it and everyone agreed. Now we are thinking to finish our house and rent it out full time, whilst maybe building elsewhere for ourselves. This is a massive revelation for us.
  • Because of this I wondered out loud if anyone would want to stay in my house and now have had four enquiries.
So I have one negative: My tax return is going to get a lot harder in future and I had better start reading up on it shortly!


  1. Nearer to noise? I've never heard that as a positive. Does that mean closer to the tourists or are there not many tourists there?

  2. I know, bunch of weirdos we are! There are visitors who live there for parts of the year or long holidays but not very many actual tourists. I think no package holidays, who I find I most want to avoid when they are in large numbers. Our area is divided form the airport by a mountain drive, that's what keep us safe!


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