Sunday, 7 June 2015

Feel good Friday

I am so unstructured! Not only did i forget to post anything all week I have left it until Sunday to post my feel good Friday stuff. However it has a nice positive feel to it so I am doing it anyway.

  • Lovely and sunny for a good chink of the week. And when it was cold and raining I was in my office working anyway, so I barely noticed.
  • Ahdel and his girlfriend Becky have a budding graphic design business. Last Sunday she was working in the cafe at the leisure centre as Ahdel was working and a guy who she often sees down there approached to admire her work. He has a printing business and people often ask him to do some design work. He wondered if she might be interested in taking some of it as he is already too busy. Might work out and maybe not but good contacts being made.
  • My friend Sue with the restaurant in Crete says customers are chasing for the recipe book we are pulling together for her.
  • I am signed up for Slimming World next Tuesday, A positive for my health if not for my day to day life
  • Today we are visiting the little kittens, who are now four weeks old, to choose which black one is for us.
  • Both kids and a girlfriend are coming to dinner today. I am making fried chicken (shallow fried and then finished in the oven), coleslaw, white bean mash and roasted vegetables. And it is all in hand and low in carbs.


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