Feel good Friday

I feel a feel good Friday post is in order

  • Mum is home and looking good after scaring us all to bits
  • Jamal is in rough seas between Africa and Brazil however his only complaint is that they are running out of salad vegetables in the kitchen.
  • And he has confirmed he doesn't get sea sick even when rough seas go on for five days and are enough to throw you out of your bunk.
  • Ahdel may have the opportunity for something approaching a dream job coming up. The organisation want him but they have to get the contract before they need him. I am forbidden from saying anything concrete in case I jinx matters
  • My sister and BIl aer coming on holiday with us. Their first time to our house. My sister was nervous of flying after a bad experience in Hawaii but has now flown to Ireland and portugal and seems okay with it.
  • My best friend is also coming on hols :)
  • In fact she is also coming over from the island on Monday when we try to make feta cheese.
  • My cats dislike my kittens but this is a stage better than when they hated them last week. It is progress. Honest!
  • I recycled my filing cabinet, my bookcase and 3 blinds are currently on freecycle and receiving enquiries
  • I gifted 5 boxes of books to the station. Yes, you read that right, our station and apparently 5 others sells books for charity in the actual stations. Helps to get people reading, makes the trip to the station a bit more interesting, raises money for charity and helps empty my house.
  • I am finishing at four today to go buy myself a vacuum cleaner, a plastic box to send to Crete, some fabric dye for my curtains and maybe do my food shopping. Who needs more fun than this???


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