Mini kind of holidayish

My best mate was coming to visit tomorrow but as Fahed is working all day at his second job then we stumbled on a brilliant idea of her coming over today and staying. And we get to feel virtuous as she gets to days on the mainland for the cost of one ferry ticket. So its a bargain. Honest!

We have plans

  • Ikea - Eves needs a can opener and I need some of their extremely reasonably price clip top jars
  • Asian Supermarket - I need a couple of kilo of chillies and I think Eve might want spices.
  • Greekville - we are going to a little and very authentically Greek souvlaki shop which we have found locally. Early evening for a light meal as its Eves birthday next week
  • Feta - we have the book and soon will have the milk. Lets hope we get as far as making the cheese!
  • Planning - We started off by thinking we would like to fly to Istanbul for a city break in the spring.  No we have added airbnb ibto the mix as it means we can stay with a Turkish family. We are also seeing whether we can inter rail to get there. 3 days on the train if we dont get off anywhere. I guess we had better fly back or we making this into a full scale holiday (sssshhh!)
  • Etsy - setting up the Etsy shop for our Greek sandals. We bought some sandals in Crete and brought them back with us to pass on to friends. We have been selling them virtually at cost (plus transport) for £25 but friends have come back with ads from the internet where they are selling for £125!!  So we thought maybe an Etsy shop for us. The Greek economy needs our efforts
  • Greek lessons - ready for the holiday. Must improve vocab!
  • Foraging - we like a bit of foraging! There is a large tree behind our house which is covered in something like yellow plums. They might be golden bullaces. We have our eye on those!
To me this all sounds rather blissful


  1. Your travel plans sound so exotic. I remember traveling on a Eurorail pass. I would go to sleep and wake up in a different country and not know the language or have the right currency. I was more adventurous back then.

  2. Come and join us? Its way less scary than living somewhere which requires abarricade from rattlesnakes!


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