Monday, 7 September 2015

Keeping myself busy

Family is still spread out across three continents. Poor Fahed is still sitting with his poorly sister and I wish I could see a good ending for this. And I won't even dwell on poor Fahed's family as i think everyone knows about Syria now.

Jamal is heading south from Texas to Brazil. He tells me he is chasing hurricane Erica. Happy days. I hope the hurricane goes faster than his ship.

So instead I try to avoid the TV and the news pages and keep myself busy.

I bought a fermenter and 2 pressure barrels from ebay for a bargain price, i think it was £16. Inside was also a thermometer, a hydrometer and a funnel. And a kit for making some sort of Mexican style beer. Result. I wont dwell on the fact that no-one around here drinks beer :) I assume it doesn't go off too quick so hopefully I can give visitors over the coming months.

I have gathered more plums, sloes and blackberries from the hedge row. My lvoely best friend came over from the island at the weekend to keep me busy and my parents and eldest son are also dragging me here and there.

I bought some chalky duck egg blue paint to repaint some folding chairs which look rather sad. So far I haven't got far as I need to herd all the cats into a different room before I open the tin or they just come straight over and jump on the chair

Lastly I mentioned before that the fridge died. It was, i think, more than 23 years old so it did well. Its hard to dispose of fridges so I am thinking maybe use it as a smoker, following these instructions from youtube? I mean, what could go wrong??

or perhaps we better stick with this one?


  1. I think I've already asked this, is his family thinking of leaving or committed to stay? Regarding the fridge, I got lucky because our electric company started a recycle program this year and they gave me $30 for my old fridge. I was considering turning it on its side and making it a large planter for flowers.

  2. I think they will stay now. This sister married a lebanese guy forty years ago and lives in Lebanon. We have four main family groups left in Syria. My brother in law Ameer says they wont drive him out, he will die first, but when I see photos of Aleppo I cant see how he can still be there. He already had such an awful time I cant bear to think of it.
    They want £50 to take my fridge! I need to be creative as I hate spending money for nothing

    Maybe no one will notice it was a fridge.


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