Saturday, 1 August 2015


We did everything on our list except make cheese.

We were happily reading through the cheese book and came to the bit where it suggest not eating large quantities of homemade cheese as its too hard to keep hygiene to the right level in a non industrial environment so it will almost certainly give you a sore throat! Somewhat off putting. Also as I am losing weight now because of the new condition so to have a load of yummy cheese around is not necessarily a good thing :)

One of the fun things we did was pick plums from a tree which is outside of my back gate. Its huge and even with a 5' step ladder and a rake we could only reach the bottom branch but we cropped a half bucket of Mirabelle plums. They are in the freezer now awaiting their fate.

I also picked a dozen cooking apples from my tree for Eve to take home and also left room for the some of the others to grow a bit.

Fahed came home from visiting his friend with 2 boxes of thai curry, 2 of cooked rice and about 2 kilo of runner beans, so all in all I think a good day for foragers!

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