Sunday, 2 August 2015

We had a UFO day

We planned to do the garden (yes, again) but Fahed picked up a big frmo the little ones at work again and was poorly. I pulled him out of bed though, so that he would hopefully sleep tonight, and he tried to do a few things. Bless his little cotton socks.

I now have new tyres on my bike - and pumping them up nearly killed him off :(
My new vacuum cleaner is set up and ready for action (don't ask but no, apparently I am not bright enough to do it myself. Fail)
He pinned two swim suits on me so that I could make them smaller.

I did a few things myself when he was resting:

Turned out a load of craft stuff, wool and fabric for someone at work
Made up a box of things to go to the charity shop
Rode my bike around the block (like a scaredy cat who hasn't been on a bike in some time!)
Stitched both swimsuits
Mended a pair of Faheds work swim shorts
Found a partially complete patchwork quilt and worked out how to finish it. I think I did the initial work prior to meeting Fahed. We have been married about 27 years. lol
Ordered a kettle for the Crete house - discounted by 50%
Enquired about someone to sort out the front garden. I doubt we will take them up on it but it seemed like a nice idea.
Made an enquiry about a fishing boat which goes out from Keyhaven. Fahed was a fisherman when I met him and I thought he might like to get back tot he sea sometimes.
There was also some vacuuming and other dull stuff.

Considering he was poorly and I was tired we did okay.

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