Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Is it time for my holiday yet?

Summer seems to be over here in the UK. Not that it ever really got going this year. So much rain. We actually had as such as everyone always thinks we get. And still its not yet time for my holiday.

Not long now though and I am counting sleeps. Jamal is still on his way to Brazil, should arrive on 22nd. Sadly not joining us on  hols this year. Fahed is still in Lebanon but will be back next Monday, ready to fly out again on the Friday. He sounds stressed up to the eyeballs but miraculously his sister is actually looking a little better.

I am very productive with Fahed away and have been stripping the hedge rows and trees, making infusions, beer and now cider. I would prefer to make jam but being diabetic it didn't seem wise. No-one really drinks in our family but we always have lots of Christmas visitors so they can all be my victims :)

Talking of jam I heard a programme of Radio 4 yesterday where someone made jam with 1200g fruit to 400g sugar, which might be something good for me to try. Diana Henry was hosting the programme but I didn't catch the name of the low sugar jammer sadly, so back to google, Or I might even buy her book

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  1. He gets home Monday, so only a few days to go? The waiting must be terrible. I am glad you have things to keep you busy.


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