Autumn Nesting

Oh gosh, I seem to have forgotten I have a blog.

But better news is I have been walking the talk (is that right?). Making my home, not wasting money, eating healthily, all that kind of stuff.

  • Still clearing out junk on freecycle and charity shops. Today a couple of very broken things to the dump. I can see the difference now and I very much like my living space.
  • Utility DD reduced from £140 to £109 per month- have only been using £70 ish during the summer but this spreads the pain of winter a bit.
  • I bought £3.76 of travel insurance from Compare the Market to get a year of half price movies using the Meerkat Movies marketing thing. Fahed will pay for the tickets from his pocket money :)
  • Making a sourdour starter. I wouldn't say its going brilliantly but hopefully it will get in the swing soon!
  • I topped up my freezer meat supplies from a local farm again. £130 seems to last us about 3 months. We eat a good size portion of meat but only a couple of times a week so overall i think its okay,
  • We have taken to roasting a load of veggies on a Sunday and then leftovers are made into soup with anything else which is knocking around. This has done lunch for the whole week this week and there is still a portion int he freezer.
  • Despite Fahed skipping of to visit his ailing sister for 3 weeks un paid I have managed to squirrel a little bit of money away this month.
  • Used home made stock from bones for my soup.
  • Since it has now be introduced that we pay 5p a bag for plastic bags (which i definitely approve of) I have managed woithout purchasing a single one even if i have carried small amounts of shopping loose in my hand or had to pack shopping into my boot without bags. I am slowly learning and did get remember to take bags with me this week. I can be taught!
  • Did all my vacuuming and a good bit of tidying on Friday night so that Saturday is so far very stress free.

Not bad I think


  1. I am terrible at remembering to bring fabric bags to the store. I even bought bags and I forget them. Plus, there is a big recycle box for plastic bags at the store and I forget to bring those too. Maybe if they charged me I would remember.

  2. That is certainly how it is working for me. I need stooopid tax and then i can change


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