Tuesday, 30 August 2016

health catch up

Have put all my grumbles behind me.  My toe is throbbing less, which really does help!

Fahed will be off until we go on hols so all together it will be three months from the operation until he is back at work. Which sounds a lot but I think its probably safest. Yesterday was a bank holiday so we did the conventional English thing and we walked around a DIY store. We were not in there more than 1/2 an hour, just getting stuff for holiday, like tile cutting blades. You know, conventional holiday purchases. But in that short time he was already limping and pulling his leg a bit. So the swelling is down but he is by no means well again; When we got to the next shop for cat treats he stayed in the car. So anyway, who needs money! Three months rest is required and that's what he is getting.

I had my 8 week weigh in yesterday.  Over 17kg (37lbs) since the beginning and 2 stone 3lb (31lbs) since the start of the new diet. We do kg at home but consultant does stones and lbs. I don't mind if its kgs or lbs as long as they go, and they sure do seem to still be going. Very happy bunny here right now. Repeat after me 'food is fuel, not a treat'. :)


  1. I should put that on my candy drawer at work. Maybe then I would lose some weight. Very impressive weight loss!

  2. wow, Lizzie that is amazing! well done!! I have just got a fit bit which I am loving (in a slightly obsessive way!)

    1. Oh yes, i love my fitbit. Totally changed how much i move. I have surprised myself by how competitive I am, with myself!


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