Saturday, 27 August 2016

I am not grumbling, honestly I am not

So Fahed went back to work almost 4 weeks after his knee operation. Now his knee is massively swollen and the doctor is talking about problems with blood clots and signed him off for another 4 weeks. Which takes us up to our Crete time, so its 8 weeks until he can work again. The famous zero hours contract status of swimming teachers means we are lucky if they manage to sort out SSP so lucky for us we have a freezer full of food!

Obviously I didnt like the role of nurse so last night I opened the fridge door on my toe and bent the toenail over backwards. Blood everywhere. My lovely husband had to limp over and get me and sit me down, as I felt I was going to faint (and flick the nail back into position) even though he can barely move.

So am back in list mode to try to take control of the uncontrollable situation!

Its bank holiday weekend here so we have three days off which sounds lovely until you consider: Three days off and Fahed cant bend his leg or stand up, so we cant do DIY or garden work. Sitting in the car is painful so no trips tot he seaside or the forest, and anyway he cant walk when he gets there.
And he has pretty much tidied (emptied!) every drawer and cupboard in the house in the last four weeks of looking to keep busy anyway.

So the list:

Buy tile cutter blades for Crete
Take a bag of books to friends daughter for her 'library'
Clear the things which need mending on the dinner table
Finish laundry and put it all away
Collect parcel from the delivery place
Take Jamal to town to get a new part for his phone (lent him an old iphone as his phone is dying but the sim tray is missing)
Sort out Faheds sick certificates and get them into work
Buy some Wellman and metatone for my poorly other son.
Buy black fabric dye and see if i can save a top which i spilt bleach on
Get 2 more usb/mains plus for kindle and fitbit
Sew a load of tops to make them smaller. No new clothes until more weight has gone :)

That'll do for today

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  1. Oh oh, that made me squirm. I hope you are both feeling better soon. We have a 3 day weekend next weekend and I am looking forward to it but don't have much planned besides lunch with my mom. It's still too hot to do much outside.


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