Saturday, 6 August 2016

How to make your mummy smile

My son and his girlfriend were in Southampton today looking for a birthday gift for her mama, There was someone homeless in the street near the European Market so the kids bought her a Gyros Pitta (yay, from our favourite Greek stall). They started talking and found out the girl had a distant relative in Bath who said they could find a place for her on their home if she could get to Bath. Its about a hundred miles from here.

Very pleased to say that Ahdel and Becky are off to Bath tomorrow to do a bit of present shopping and also to drop a lonely unhappy girl from Southampton to some distant family in Bath.

Hope it all works out for them. Bless 'em.

This is the baths at Bath


  1. thanks for sharing. that is so kind! I love hearing about kindness and goodness in the world. bless them all.

  2. Yes, its almost relief to hear something nice sometimes xx


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