Syrian Cook Book

My husband is an amazing cook. Home cooking, Syrian style with some Greek, English and Thai thrown in , Not restaurant stuff.  We take it for granted but a few, no longer hungry, visitors lately have pointed out to me that not everyone has this resource available to them!

Now I am wondering if I shouldn't try to get some of his amazing recipes and techniques written down. I am still flushed with my success from pulling together a recipe collection book for my friend. She has had the book printed up and is selling it to customers to raise money for some repairs to a house which she has on their land. I think it could be their pension to have a rental house up and running. Another advantage would be loads of good cooking as he shows off his best dishes and I document them. Even if it never makes it to proper book stage then its still a lovely record of the foods which his mum taught him when he was a little 'un.

Okay, so now its on my list. But not yet as I am still trying to lose more weight. So much still to go but at least I found a diet where it actually goes.  Next week I have my diabetic clinic so i know then if they are happy with me.

And now? I feel the urge to de-clutter coming on. And before that then perhaps a list. I do like a nice list to tick off and a box of clutter to donate. Also I should probably do some work. Oops.