Moving on

Okay. I am over the whole pension thing, other than perhaps for the odd grouch. Instead I am going to think about what I will do if I decide to do something completely different for a few years.

Plans for rest of this year.

Post holiday - re-schedule my mortgage to shorten the remaining years
Have a proper think about what I could do if I didn't want to carry on with my current career.
Make plans for the holiday
Another post holiday plan includes a service and general overhaul for both cars
Carry on with my weight loss (very happy with it right now)
More dancing. My lovely Bollywood plus Salsa and maybe I can fit in some West Coast Swing.
More travel. Definitely need more travel.

And arent the Olympics exciting. I cant believe how well we are doing. Such a small country in second place. Very inspiring.


  1. The Olympics were great and I only got to watch a little bit of them. I read about them a lot though. Such great athletes from so many places! I didn't even recognize some of those country names.

  2. It was fantastic. I didnt mean to watch it but it dragged me in!


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