Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mini library

So in the spirit of concentrating on the nice things I have been trying to part with some books. Its hard but I have sorted out a bag full. But there is a plan for them. My friends daughter has a very good heart, as well as pink dreads and a blind dog (as only the best people have) and now a library in her garden!. The have painted a water tight cupboard and are allowing people to take books and add books. Lovely idea. I think she said about also doing something similar with food. But anyway, in the meantime my books are going to their own mini library to bring the pleasure of books to some new people.

Also I read this today (or something very similar)

When you see a stranger reading a book which you love, its like having a personal introduction to that person, by the book.


Whats going on????

As we have discussed I can still read other peoples blog, and I do, every day, they're great. But when i try to comment I can type my me...