One last moan about Brexit

This is a really selfish one too. I am sorry but just this once. I put a ton of money every month into my pension. So now with the economy in decline once again, as we basically all knew would happen, there is a massive deficit on my pension. Basically the investments made by the pension provider are now reduced in value so it appears that they don't have enough to pay us. As we adjust to being outside of Europe and forge new trade deals etc then this probably improves but that'll be too late for me. The board members at my work want to suspend the scheme. That means that my pension will be frozen until i retire but that I cant add more over the coming years.  In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter but I have really scrimped and saved to ensure I am not a financial nuisance to anyone when I get old.

I have only heard this today so no doubt i will get used to the idea and it might even make me re plan my future so who knows. Might as well retire sooner but have to find some new income ideas.



  1. arse!!!!! that is bollocks. mind you i shouldnt even be reading brexit posts.

  2. stupid and annoying. we will obviously lose a load of senior managers but maybe that what they want. I need to find something new so that I dont disappoint!

  3. That sounds terrible. I have wondered what the ramifications would be on retirement. Does not sound good at all.

  4. I think that once they pull the plug then it freezes at tht point. If we want then i assume we can join something less beneficial instead. Grmmpp!


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