Its that time of year again

I love Christmas but I am already thinking of the new starts which January 1st encourages.

I would have new year three times a year if I was in charge of the universe. And well I am in charge of my universe so bring it on!

More dancing, some yoga, more weight loss (same again hopefully, then I am happy), be more sociable. Don't lose contact with people. Legalise the Crete house (its under way, whoop, whoop). No travel this year except to the other house. Its all about sorting that out and then we are settled. More live music in my life. Finish the garden. Eat healthily. Cut waste (can it be cut anymore??). Volunteer dog walking at the local rescue centre maybe.

I made rocky road a bit like this today but with cranberries, very Christmassy, for work on Monday.

Also on Friday we had a plea for help from one of the housing officers. We are housing someone who has been homeless for 18 months and has literally nothing but his clothes. I have sorted out some kitchen bowls, plates, knives etc. Some towels. Tonight I check and see what my parents and sister can help with. The world is in a mess and I cant do much about it but we have a chance to make some change here so we try it.

Also I heard from one of my nephews in Aleppo. He is hopeful that the war is near end. There is a positive feeling he says. We dont see it from the news reports so I hope he is right.


  1. Great post Lizzie -- I feel more optimistic just reading it! Super news from your nephew. It has to end for them soon. I cannot even begin to imagine how they have had to live all this time.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  2. When I get a new calendar, it is always so empty and full of possibilities. There's a lot to look forward to. I do hope the fighting in Aleppo is over immediately. They need something to look forward to too.


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