Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Made it!

Well that was all very lovely.  We dont really do presents etc but its all about family and actually, quite a lot of eating. So lets call that socialising, sounds better than just eating!

Christmas Eve all of my family came to our house. We did a Greek meal, drinks, music and well, stuff. Lovely, lovely.

Christmas day at my parents house. Last year my 87 year old mum needed some help with cooking, veggies etc. This year my mum refused all help with the cooking. Much as I am happy to help thats brilliant because it means she is feeling much better.

Boxing day we all go for a walk in the country, then to a nice country pub for a drink and then back to my sisters house for an very cold Christmas BBQ. Of course it was lovely! I love all of the generations together and chatting. We are fortunate, there are no drama queens in the family and we never argue or whatever people do.

Yesterday we went on a slightly different family outing. Just us parents, the kids and a girlfriend. WE went to the casino. There was free poker so Fahed and two of them played. The other two of us just stayed for a very reasonably priced dinner and then home again, Gameplay was free, all soft drinks were free and dinner was £7 per person,  I hardly ever go to the casino as I cant play poker and all the other things seem to be chance not skill, and they cost money, so they dont suit us at all. Once a year is enough.

Today was another massive milestone with my mama. We all went swimming. She used to swim several times a week but since her stroke the she isnt happy in the water and keep feeling she will drown, Today she did four lengths! Yes, mum is back. Woohoo! Stroke aftecare is brilliant. I remember when my grandma had a series of stroke in the early 80's and it was utter hell, but they have been brilliant with mum,

Just a couple more days to end of yer. I must look at my goals!

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  1. Wow, what great news about your 87 yr old mum. You have some good genes in the family. And no fighting? I didn't know that was possible!


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