Friday, 30 December 2016

Kon Marie catch up

According to Amazon I purchased the Life changing magic of tidying in October 2014.  Its still working for me! My drawers have never been so lovely, if you see what I mean. They are still perfect from then. Every few months I get rid of things I dont want and fill the gaps as required. Its fantastic.

I still havent got around to thanking my handbag or shoes but I do take care of them which i surely the same thing.

And the freedom I got from realising that gifts and cards have done their job when you receive them. At that point its okay to get rid of them again. Blissful de-cluttering and other people also getting pleasure form my stuff.

So post Christmas, pre New Year, henceforth known as Crimbo Limbo, I have been mixing my days between relaxing, Kon Marieing, cooking, planning and some window shopping, as part of the planning.

Yesterday I sorted out my larder.
This morning we did the cloakroom area at the bottom of the stairs. Serious pruning and sorting has occurred!
This afternoon I sorted out my craft area a bit.
Tomorrow I am going to check out my wardrobe again but I dont think its pretty much as I want it already.

Today we also went around a couple of DIY shops to check out the flooring we need in the kitchen, conservatory and downstairs bathroom, And we totally agreed! Yay. Oak flooring in the conservatory and slate in the kitchen and bathroom. Its on the list now for 2017. We didnt find a bath we would like but we were happy with most of our other decisions.

Come on 2017. I am just about ready for you


  1. Wait, you are supposed to thank your shoes? I had some success tidying up but I need another week off of work to get things really done. Unfortunately, it's time to go back to work.

  2. You sure are and everything else. Its very weird indeed! The underlying priciples are good though, honest.
    There is never a long enough break :(


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