2016 goals round up

£170k left on mortgage - failed by £6k but have upped my game (and standing order) for 2017

Greek House:
Pay taxes  done
Commence Legalisation   done

10000 steps a day on average by end of year. Not sure as my fitbit broke but I think I made it. Some days I was in the 20s. Go Lizzie!
Dancing - done
Pilates - done
No wheat except weekend and holidays   I did well most of the time on this and I think it did help wiht my overall weight loss
No booze and sweets/biscuits in January. Review in Feb complete Done
Add in two extra weekly exercise sessions DOne
4 times short gym sessions Done but got bored with this very quickly 

Sales (ebay etsy etc):
£1000 income - Done. Ebay and products from Crete sold very well but its a faff and not really worth it so probably wont bother again
Stall at market  investigated and found no-one buying

USA train trip 2018? Postponed even though it is 2 years away (from when i set the goal( as we are legalising the CRete house and it leaves me very short of money.
Reykjavik 2017 Postponed due to legalisation
Madeira 2016 Cancelled as Eves mum unwell. I went to Newcastle with my son instead
Crete long trip Autumn 2016 Booked flights Done

Scuba :(  Failed - I have done 3 discover scuba courses and it still frightens me. I also failed to try again on hols. Next year!

Swimming underwater Doh. Somehow this got forgotten

Overall I am not unhappy with this list. 2016 was a pretty crappy year in the world so I feel very much ahead of the game. Roll on 2017


  1. I'm still at my 7k step goal. I tried 10k one week and hurt my foot. I do the know how some people do 20k+ per day. Maybe their job involves walking all day. Scuba scares me too.

  2. I am okay on a day where i work in the office but working at home not so good. I need to be more disciplined but am bored with walking around my area here, i need to be going somewhere


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