Reflecting some more

Yesterday we did some personality tests at work. Its supposed to be about predictive recruitment but I suspect from the feedback that it also being used in other ways. I don't have any problem with that as long they are honest.  My new boss mentioned that I was the absolute opposite of the other finance managers  I had assumed this anyway. However my team is by far the best (he he) and so maybe they should think about what makes a good manager v what makes a good accountant.

It did get me thinking though about whether I should be doing something else. But I enjoy it and I quite like being different to all the others. My team is amazing. It pays pretty well. Maybe I should just do something else as well rather than instead. In fact that might be just the thing. I get bored if I don't have a secondary something on the go. Mind you my secondary something is the fund raising for Syria at the moment. So yes I need to do something else but not instead, just as well.

Talking about Syria, and when are we not in our house at the moment, my sons lovely girlfriend is organising a cosplay event to help raise money for the fund. Which apparently means a fancy dress party. I volunteered to do the food. Superhero food! Captain America pizzas, incredible hulk yogurt and the whole nine yards. Should be fantastic. Anyone have any ideas then now is the time to let me know :)


  1. Hello Lizzie!! just to say sorry I don't have dates yet. am working on it still. waiting for rrplies. what sunday would be good for you>

    1. No worries. All money currently going in the Syria bucket. I am happy to come on a week day but I can only come for a single session not a whole course. I cant face the drive or Southern!


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