Saturday again already

How does this happen? So soon!

Off to the hospital this morning with my honey bunny.  His appointment was 11th May but when he explained the numbness was travelling down the second leg then they gave him a Saturday appointment with four days notice. I am hopeful this means something is happening as he is in so much pain he can barely move.

I went up to the Windsor office this week and they were concerned that they qwew missing our 'Super Heroes for Syria' event so have decided to organise something up there at their office too. I need to give them some Syrian recipes and they will do lunch, cake sale, raffle and i think they said quiz. I offered to bring the food up myself but they were keen to cook too. Aren't they lovely? I am such a big soft bun that I burst into tears! I am blaming my age

Tonight we are going to a bit 'Bollywood Extravaganza' event organised by a friend from work. All raising money for a children cancer charity so all for a good cause but also useful to pick up ideas from Jay. He has been messaging me for hours at a time so i think he is also nervous.

I love the excitement. bordering on fear, and the feel good factor that comes with organising these  events.


  1. How did the Dr visit go? Did he get any relief?

  2. PS, I like the blog's new look.

  3. Doctor visit was good. Operations within 2 months they said. Not a moment too soon! I like the blog look but I keep losing everything and it doesnt tell me about comments anymore!!


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