Woohoo day off

Just had three days away at the annual conference in Liverpool. Liverpool was beautiful but always nice to come home. I didn't think it was as useful as normal. I maybe wont go next year but we see what the programme is. I did have two good workshops though, all about speaking and messages and breathing and relaxation. Very interesting. Maybe I change form being an accountant one day. Well i say change form being an accountant but when was the last time I did any accountancy. Years! managing the team takes all my time, so maybe form senior manager to speaker is less of a jump than it first sounded.

Lovely Becky, Ahdel's girlfriend, is doing so well with the Superheroes for Syria event. I really hope we get enough people attending for all of the effort she is making. She is full of ideas and enthusiasm and so could at actually keeping on and getting things done, and done well. I lvoe that her enthusiasm has also spwned a couple of other events. Some serious cooking coming my way in the next month!



  1. I can't wait to hear how the event goes. Sounds like great ideas coming together for a great cause.

  2. I know, aren't people lovely. Sometimes we forget in this mad world but generally they are. I am very nervous though!


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