I am increasingly confused as to how blogger works and now have trouble posting a blog, since i rearranged the template. Never mind, it will give me something to do when i am bored.

Also something brilliant did just happen. You know the black face masks which are all around on facebook? Just applied one and carried on with the hoovering. Then answered the door to my neighbour.  He literally jumped back and even after I had explained it was a cosmetic treatment he could quite look me in the eye. He gave me a quick message and ran away!

Bad things have happened this week. To people I know but am not close to. Enough to make me think that I have nothing to moan about, not ever. When i cant get on top of things it really doesn't matter, not really really,.

Also the Syria fundraiser is going well. We are 15% of the way there and none of the actual events have so far taken place! So this coming Wednesday we have Syrian lunch, cakes, draw, quiz and something else which I have forgotten at the Windsor office. All I have to do is show up with some Syrian food, which is definitely within my skill set :)

The following Monday is curry lunch at work in Eastleigh. We have pre orders for 20 curries and Meera, lovely lady making the main curry, tells me that she made 100 last time they were fundraising at work. Wow! I am making a Thai veg green curry.

The the big event. Superheroes for Syria. I am so nervous in case not enough people come. Becky has been and still is working so hard on it. Still sleep is overrated so another month worrying and not sleeping will be fine

No news from the hospital about Faheds back operation yet but, on the bright side, we still have the NHS, just about, so I am counting that as a positive