Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter

Syrian lunch in Windsor office went off very well. Everyone seemed to love Faheds cooking and they also organised a draw, a music quiz and something else ( memory still playing up!! too much to think about)

Following Monday we had curry lunch at Eastleigh office. Fahed made a Thai vegetable curry and lovely friend Meera made a Kerala Chicken curry. We sold approx 60 portions! No quiz, draw etc as we were working too hard on the food!  I took some home for the family too. Jamal said it was especially yum and was exactly like they had on the ship when he was out in Asia. After a bit of discussion we realised it was because they had a Kerala crew at that point. Kerala looks very beautiful, if google is to be believed, and its on my list!

Next Saturday is the big Syria event. Cooking for about 100 people. Eek! But its a buffet so much, much easier.

Fahed had a date come through for his back operation which is even further in the future than we were told. However his doctor has written tot he asking for it to be brought forward if possible and has also given him different pain killing medication, which appears to be basically morphine.  I am not entirely certain he is in less pain but he is certainly very Zen about it all of a sudden.

I spoke to a doctor friend about my great nieces in Saudi Arabia. My nephew had asked us to find if there was anywhere better that they could be cared for but we found Riyadh to be as good as anywhere. Doctor friend also said that dragging them on a plane half way around the world wouldn't be good for them anyway really. He also said, after seeing the video, that their post accident symptoms are very similar to cerebral palsy. I have fed everything we have learned back to my nephew. Maybe we make a difference, I just dont know.

Just keeping going here. One day at a time :)


  1. impressive work on the fundraising. lots of love and happy easter to you too

    1. Thank you. Its all going really well thanks to you and people like you xx

  2. So good to hear that the fundraiser was a success. I wish I could taste the food. I am a very picky eater but if so many people liked it, there is hope for me.


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