Time for a change

I have worked in housing for 23 years. Its been great fun as there is always so much to do, always something new and at the end of the day you know you are doing good in the world.

Somehow we seem to have ended up with a board who dont agree, They are all about market rent and corporate this and that. Innovation more important than knowledge. Well maybe but I think that in my area innovation in frowned upon! I dont recall anyone ever saying these accounts are not innovative enough. To me that smacks of creative accounting!

So anyway its enough to make me wonder  if its time to do something new. I was going to say i have fallen out of love with the corporate world but it was never very corporate, It was hard work and fun though.

Is 54 too late to make the change??


  1. It's never too late but hopefully you find something new before you quit. I have seen paid opportunities come up from volunteer work but so far, I have not found anything that I would want to do full time. Of course, there is always starting one's own business. That scares me the most as it could be a money pit instead of income.

    1. Oh yes, still an accountant , so always fairly cautious in these matters!


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