We have a plan

  • The Greek house is legal so we can now let it out for 12 weeks of the year with minimal extra fuss.
  • We have got in the habit of not spending our money each month (its been going in the Greek legal fund) so we can carry on doing this to make the landscaping more appealing in Crete, and then start on the old house.
  • So next thing is to re-build the old house.
  • Then we have two properties for holiday rental.
  • We looked again at our land. Its 2000 sq m. There is enough space for another house. Higher up and facing out to sea. We will go slow and do it the Greek way (you dont borrow money, just build as you afford it) and maybe we have 3 holiday rentals before I give up my job.

So then I just started to brain storm things which are of interest to me to see if anything

Pop up restaurant/Supper club
Tea Parties/travelling tea parties
Van/vintage caravan - champagne and cake
Organise assisted travel

Organise retreats etc Guitar, cooking.
Property rental
Coach trips??

Are the same things coming up more than once? Is that a good sign????


  1. Wonderful plans Lizzie! Multiple rentals on your property will bring you in touch with many from all over the world. I see a very social future in store for you!

    1. I hadnt really thought of that. I have been worrying about the logistics. Quite a bit more excited now!

  2. Travel and cooking. Crete house bed and breakfast? I must save up enough to visit your Crete house before I retire.


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