Thursday, 19 July 2018

I'm fine but....

I am, really. But all around me.

Last Friday morning lovely mum didnt look so good when I visited so I booked her in with the doctor. They called an ambulance and we spent the rest of the day in Accident & Emergency ( I love you NHS, my all together favourite 70 year old!). With clever treatment she dodged an operation. That was my greatest fear as she is 89. Poor dad is really sharp especially for 90 but he was wasn't coping brilliantly/. Anyway lovely mum looking much better and is home again. I'll check on her again in the morning. Bless her.

Poor old dad fell backwards down the escalator in Marks and Spencer. They are very independent but I have to get them to take a bit more care sometimes. Anyway he was really achy for some days and in the hospital just sat by mums bed, waiting for her to get better. Married 67 years I dont think they can seriously cope alone.

One of my close work colleagues is losing her husband. He has been ill for some years but lately some cancer, treatable normally but he isnt strong enough, is kicking his arse. She wasn't in today as he became temporarily paralysed in the night so she was up all night with the paramedics. They dont take him to hospital anymore because nothing can be done and he wants to stay at home. The only treatment now is pain management and palliative care.

Another colleague started her chemo for stage 4 bowel cancer on Monday. There have been complications and now she is in hospital. She is my age exactly.

Feels like I am very mortal at the moment, feels like everyone is. I do know we are but this is really reminding me.

Mum and dad are doing pretty well and I'll stop writing on that happy note. This is them at home yesterday.  Bright eyes and bushy tailed as they say.


  1. Life is just full of sadness and then extreme happiness like looking at your sweet parents.

  2. I guess its just our time of life when all the bad things are queuing up to come but you are right, lots of lovely things too. Mum and dad really happy having odoged anything too awful and had a scare xx


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