Sunday, 22 July 2018

Soap Making

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Eve and I headed off to rural Dorset for a soap making course. Expecting horrendous traffic as it was the first day of school holidays, it didnt materialise and we ended up being almost an hour early for the course.  So we stopped at WImborne for a coffee break at about 8.30 am. Lovely and sunny and just lovely, lovely. There was a farmers market in progress so we also bought a few things before carrying on our journey. By the time the course started at ten we felt like we had had a great day out already.

We did the theory of soap making, learnt all about the possible ingredients, had a demo from our tutor. The stopped for lunch. I had packed us a nice big salad and some fruit and Eve bought some crab meat at the market so we had a really luxury lunch on an old wooden table outside of our studio.

After lunch we made two batches of soap each, and avoided explosions etc :)  It all smells and looks rather fantastic, we wont be unwrapping it until mid week to see how it looks but we have high hopes. We also found out what we did wrong on all of our various home experiments.

As traffic was light we decided we had time to visit my sister and her husband at their caravan at Durdle Door. We had some fruit, a glass or two of wine and a walk to the beach. Well looking down at the beach. My knee is still not happy enough to have got back up again if we had gone down tot he actual shore. 

So it seemed by then a good idea to go out to dinner that evening. And it was! We went to a proper old fashioned pub. The Kings Arms in Wareham and had a lovely supper.  Then home for Eve to catch the boat back to the Island.

Feels like we had a whole weeks holiday even though it was only a day.

And today we are off for some virtual furniture shopping at IKEA and then to the Mela for an afternoon of Asian food and dancing. Back to work tomorrow for a rest!

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