Saturday, 1 September 2018

Autumn on the way

Ah its Saturday and it feels like a very lovely day.  I was up at seven and stopped until now, nine, and haven't yet got to a single thing on my to do list for the day! Oh dear. Still its all things that needed doing I guess. And i started a bit of a clothes sort out so now have a charity bag on the go too.

Today will be composed of the usual Saturday cleaning things, laundry, scrubby tidying things.

But also a few fun things:
Picking apples and rhubarb in the garden, and perhaps some more tomatoes
Sorting out hire car for holiday and airport taxi for the way home
Visiting my friend for a coffee and taking her some clothes which don't suit me
 A tiny bit of shopping to top up my larder
A basket of sewing which is mainly adjustments and adaptations but should be pleasurable.
Booking a facial which my mum has bought me for my birthday, last June.
Off to visit Mum and Dad tonight too

If i get all of that finished and its not raining then i'll go for a wander in the hope of picking some sloes for a Christmas slow gin.

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