Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Actual plans for 2019

Am I blogging a lot? I because i want to talk but at the same time I dont think I do actually want to talk. So you, the universe and anyone who reads my ramblings, are bearing the brunt!

Mortgage under £155k
Invest £15k in Crete property

Save towards big holiday in 2020  (I dont think this will happen though as I dont feel I can leave dad).

Complete upstairs bathroom
New kitchen floor
Bedroom carpet This happens on Thursday :)
New mattress Got it! Arrived yesterday
Stair carpet
New boiler - I have one quote so far. 

(This all looks quite good until you realise roughly the same thing was on last years plans and didnt happen, oh dear)

Retaining wall
Flu less fire (from Uk)

Lose 20kg (again :( )
10000 steps a day
Healthy diet
2 x activities each week
12 weeks BSD

Mallorca - super economical week from the local airport - all booked and paid for
Crete for Easter - booked and flights paid for. Will require car hire.
Long Crete holiday - Wait and see how lovely Dad is
France weekend - We were going the weekend after we lost mum. They kindly refunded us when i phoned up to say we wouldn't be travelling. We plan to go again when we see a good offer advertised. 2 nights in St Malo, all of us plus sister and husband and dad.


  1. I can really understand you when you say you don't feel you can leave your dad.

  2. It is so hard. He is doing well though. Made of tough stuff the oldies xx

  3. You've crossed some things off so that's good progress even if it is last year's list.


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