Friday, 1 February 2019

A few knocks to the budget

So Fahed’s employers called the staff all to a meeting last week to say they have all been overpaid. yippee. Apparently the system wasn’t working so they all got paid too much. Sigh. It was not obvious but somehow he never gets paid the same amount two months running. Now we have to repay £1100 before the end of the tax year. 

We sent $350 to Syria because my bonkers sister in-law needs an operation. Yes, I know Fahed said we don’t have to support everyone anymore but let’s be honest, we didn’t think it was true when he said it. 

And I broke a tooth which means a crown for another £300.

Oh and did I mention that Fahed had an operation on his leg last week to remove a metal plate and what looks suspiciously like 8 wood screws. Signed off for three weeks because the pool water could compromise the wound. So he might get some pay but he very much won’t get what he should get, and we don’t know how much that is anyway as the company appear to be clueless.

Anyway, who needs money!

Ratty and bad tempered? Who me?

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  1. Oh no! So many unexpected expenses. What a bummer. That one with Fahed's paycheck is especially painful. I'm sorry!


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