Saturday, 23 February 2019

Catch up

It was announced at our staff conference this week that we will get a pay rise! 3%. Got the biggest round of applause  of the day. Our new c/ex says we should spend more money on our staff as they are our biggest and best resource, hence ahving th stafff conference. He doesn’t seem like the sort of guy you should not agree with but so far my staff all think he is great.  He doesn’t dodge responsibility and decision making even when it’s. not popular.. Plus he gave a us a pay rise which made everyone smile. 

I found that Fahed’s employee has underpaid him for his saturdays for the last four months, goes without saying that although the made th deduction for the overpayment this month, the didn’t offset it with his missing back pay. Despite having responsibility for a payroll team that pays 850 people I can never make head nor take of what his payroll people are doing. However it appears he now get sick pay, which is very handy as he had three weeks off after his operation, so I shall try not to moan. 

My dental crown work starts this Tuesday. Cost is,now £260 as it NHS, so should be good quality at an affordable price.

My car died this eeek :(. My knowledgeable neighbour had a look with Fahed and they decided it was too hard to fix and booked it into a local garage. The garage charges £50 to collect the car.  Ext day my dad says ‘don’t you have recovery for your car’. Doh, my head is all over the place since losing mum, I am functioning so poorly. So I rung th recovery people. Guy came out and fixed my car at the roadside in less than an hour. No charge as all included in my breakdown cover. Thank you very much! What a great outcome. I was thinking that’s another £1500. I had such a pain in the side of my head worrying about it all and then Fahed reminded me that’s it’s just metal, and really not important, just inconvenient. The pain just went away as he hug me and told me. I might need reading about priorities from time to time apparently.

So that’s where we are with money. Overall fairly positive.

So now it’s Saturday morning, I took an extra hour in bed with some coffee to read a few things. I feel very virtuous as laundry all ready washed, dried and PUT AWAY! Get me!  Now I’ll just tidy the kitchens bit, then off to get dad and go somewhere, out for lunch (he really likes lunch at Wetherspoons; good quality for the price and pleasantly busy and full of life; you can normally overhear a lively argument!) Then I’ll drop him home to watch the rugby whilst I go back to our house and see if I can’t do something to the garden. 

And so life goes on and I guess in the end we recover, do we? Anyway we have a new. Or al that works for us


  1. Give yourself time with your mom's passing, I called it grief brain it takes awhile. Hugs.

    1. Thank you. Its hard but we do know there isnt another option

  2. Glad the car situation turned out ok. Car repairs are always stressful for me. I feel lucky if the bill is under $500. And congratulations on the raise!

    1. Yes, very happy news as it cost me more than £1300 just a month or 2 ago!

  3. sorry to hear about your mum. dreading the day when it happens to me! lots of love to you.


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