Friday, 1 March 2019


All this unseasonable sun has cheered me a little.  Also am feeling much better physically. I have very much  'not been bothering ' since losing mum. Little thing like not making a lunch and just getting a sandwich from the van at work. I had a revelation that my constant tiredness and brain fog, amongst other things might be more than just grief and worry and sure enough it seems it was also high blood sugar. So since Saturday its all change and I feel tons better. Full of energy. I rather feel mum would be cross with me for being so silly but glad I have spotted it and more importantly rectified it straight away.

Jamal and I are making first working visit to the allotment today. Will be great when we have longer evenings to work outside but no point in wishing my life away.


  1. Glad you found a cause that you could fix. What are you going to plant? I've been planting seeds in pots but so far nothing has come up.

  2. That's what happens to me. Or they come up, take a look around and then just die!


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