Saturday, 16 March 2019

Preparing for the future

I heard gossip at work this week that our organisation will likely announce a merger this year. The other organisation is led by their previous director of finance so that sounds like redundancy is on the cards to me, as that person will likely favour their existing team. It’s ok, I did my budget for all of the different scenarios. I would prefer not to take my pension until it’s unavoidable as it will be more each year depending on when I take it. So now I have to consider a load of different possibilities! It’s quite exciting I guess. Forcing me to do new things. Anyway thanks to blogosphere I think I am fairly well prepared.

Other than that I have totally lost the plot with my blood sugar. It is running riot. Apparently stress can do this. Oh and my husband is driving me crackers. Luckily he is adorable on the whole so he escaped from me clipping him with a frying pan. I suspect grief stress affecting us all so I do need to be patient (step away from the frying pan). Only the cats don’t make me crazy, which probably means I am crazy. I am away for some days this week to Liverpool for a conference.  Absence should make the heart grow fonder :)


  1. I am right there with you girl.

  2. Stressful times. I sympathize. Not knowing what will happen is the worst but at least you are prepared for many scenarios.

  3. Can totally relate to the frying pan thing. Maybe the moon cycle has something to do with it?! It too, shall pass -- Hang in there!


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