Saturday, 22 June 2019

June already - how did that happen!

Gosh but my posts are so intermittent. The thing is i really love writing and I always feel because the blog can be read by others it makes me slightly more accountable, anybody out there reading this, you are my accountability person! Thank you :). So that what stops me from stopping.

I need a new routine.

However I am slowly getting my act together.  I feel it might be time for a 'line in the sand' update on stuff. It makes me feel like I have achieved some things, which i can miss in the every day course of events.

Greek House
All legal now! All taxes paid for this year and the deficit from when the German guy who used to be my agent sorted out my admin. I have a Greek accountant now, which you have to have anyway to complete tax forms, but also i think the problem with the other guy must have been a language issue. We had cameras and alarms fitted, which i will finish paying for by next month, after the second burglary. Mind you when i scan the pictures every day i get really homesick for my little house in the sun.

Allbrook House
New carpets and mattress all sorted. I also had a large rug for the sitting room made from the leftovers.  Had another massive clear out and actually really like the house now. I have a cleaner (get me!) for 2 hours each week. I still go to dads every evening and at the weekend so house was starting to look pretty bad, but Wendy is making a huge difference. And what she can do in 2 hours would take me five, shes a machine. In a good way. A few things still need to be done here but we are on schedule to do everything this year.

Old Greek House
When we finish outstanding here then i plan to save £20k a year for two years to renovate the old house. We could do with some extra income when we retire and hopefully this is our safety blanket.

We have been to our Greek house once so far this year and hope to go out with the whole family in autumn. I have a week in Mallorca with by bestie. We have had a weekend in France with Dad, Sis etc and are having another one next weekend.  dad loves it. i also have a week in Madeira booked for February.  All done on a shoestring. I have been doing some serious bargain hunting! I love travel but luckily so do the whole family so gives us plenty to talk about too. Which is lucky since we spend sooo much time together since losing mum.

Eating quite well but my blood sugars are still high i think. I have stopped testing them as doc said it was probably adding to my stress but i have a raft of tests at tend of the month apparently, so we shall know how i am overall. I am trying to be active and definitely move about much more but i haven't attended classes in ages. I need to get back to that and i do have a plan in place (honest!)

There are more categories for certain but i have maybe soul searched enough for one day

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