Saturday, 27 July 2019

And now July and not long until August

I have been getting back into my routines but apparently not my blogging routine. Oops.

Last time I think I mentioned my blood sugar had gone bonkers lately. The doctor said it was stress, sent me for grief counselling (I didn’t go, don’t tell him) and quadrupled my medication. There is a slight improvement when they check it this month. However in my diabetic review my blood pressure was waaaay up. Enough for the nurse to run for the doctor and I left with new medication and  an appointment for four days later.  All this tells me it’s time to lose weight and exercise more. Monday I’m back on the ultra low calorie diet which works so well with type 2 diabetes. Also walking to work  and generally fitting exercise into my routine again. All I do atthe moment is work and go to dads. I need to balance taking care of dad with taking care of me.
One lot
Exercise I am
Getting is working on the allotment ( rented vegetable patch if not familiar). Jamal and I work there for a few hours each week
And always my legs ache and my
Tummy feels like I have been doing sit up. So that’s a good thing, right? Also means I have got to that age where any sign of rain has me saying ‘oh lovely, just right for the garden’.  This week we had three days of 33 degrees so some rain would definitely be welcome, although temperature has broken today and should be mid 20s.
We have been doing all sorts of fun things lately, making sausages, making kimchi and pickles. I made jam with dad’s loganberries. It’s all very ‘The Good Life’ and I am Barbara!
I guess it’s time to move. I can’t sit in bed reading, writing, surrounded by kitty cats and drinking coffee all day. Can I?


  1. Oh my, you really need to take care of your self. I am sorry you are having health problems.

  2. Kim, youare so thoughtful, especially with so much always for you to think of. Hugs


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