Thursday, 30 April 2020

Stocks and stuff

So it could be an indication I have been at home too long or something else, I dont know. But i have started saving bones for stock again, like i used to. Top drawer of the freezer has three ziploc bags.

Bag 1 (they aren't actually numbered though, honest) Lamb bones, and random veg which would be good in stock
Bag 2 Same but chicken bones
Bag 3 - random veg which wouldn't be suitable for stock but would make a soup ( peppers, tomatoes, parsley, mushrooms)

I am assuming this is some sort of coping strategy which I am using to get through the madness but I have never been quite so old school in my food management.

I have had a failure though. I had some frozen loganberries from last year. A bit too seedy for jam so i made jelly. Then i dried the solids, which had been drained off, in my dehumidifier  and then ground it in the spice grinder. Sadly, despite smelling and looking amazing, it tasted awful. Oh well, you cant win them all.  I am going to try again with lemon zest. Not giving up yet! oh and the loganberry jelly was fantastic. I also made some ice lollies with Greek yogurt and the jelly, Wow!

I painted the sitting room ceiling (7 coats!!!) and now the marks have gone.

Keeping busy and do 'homey' type stuff is definitely helping me. I don't know if i would be coping so well if i wasn't also working form home full time. Also i cant concentrate enough to watch a film or anything complex, just cookery shows, youtube demos of things, easy watches. Cant even concentrate on a book. But no worries, whatever gets us through.

My lovely best friend now has COVID 19.  She has been feeling rough for a couple of weeks but got her test results yesterday (front line health worker ). She kept saying to me 'i feel so lazy, i dont feel like doing anything'. And all the time she had the virus :(. Now he husband and son also have it. Its not great as they are both asthmatic but fortunately otherwise fit. Its a scary time. 


  1. I am sorry about your friend. W lost our neighbor across the street to Covid. He was 80 with a heart condition.

    1. Fortunately she is very fit and well (for our age!). But of course asthmatic husband and son both caught it too. All on the mend, mostly, now but i think its pretty horrific. Condolences on your neighbour xx

  2. Lol I used to keep all sorts of things with the aim of making stock.....then I'd find lots of little unidentified parcels in the freezer so gave that up. Now it's just chicken carcass, the supermarket sells a pack of four really cheap or I use the remains of cooked chooks then strip and add any meat from the bones. Add an onion and sometimes a handful of dried soup mix then divvy up into containers.
    What a shame about your friend - sending my hopes she recovers soon with no harm to her and her family

  3. That's my freezer exactly. I am going to try harder but its something of a lucky dip!


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